Connect Legacy Devices to the IoT

Connect Legacy Devices to the IoT


Bring Intelligence to the Edge


The Atomation solution for connecting legacy devices to the IoT turns current thinking upside down. Instead of hard-wiring complex sensors and building an expensive, data-intensive, centralized monitoring system, Atoms are easily installed, learn to recognize normal operation and then wirelessly communicate with teams and systems only when thresholds are reached or an anomaly has been detected. From utility poles to motors to pallets, Atoms solve challenges by giving insights into previously overlooked devices.


Bridging the gap between smart switches and meters by connecting poles and substations to the IoT,  Atomation’s Utility Solution gives a voice to utility poles across the grid simply and affordably. Atoms are instantly configured and alert only when an issue has occurred, quickly identifying the exact location of damaged or downed poles during an outage.


Unlike traditional SCADA and industrial control systems, Atoms require no hard wiring back to control rooms or additional IT infrastructure. Atoms easily attach to machines, learn your device to know what normal is, providing information wirelessly to monitor machinery, engines and devices that aren’t currently part of existing networks. Start connecting your legacy devices to the IoT. 


Effectively and affordably monitor the quality and safety of your goods across your distribution network with our logistics Atom. Ensure cargo condition confidence by setting thresholds to record and alert when goods are outside set temperature and humidity ranges or goods are dropped or impacted.

Solving Problems with Atoms

Our technology starts with our process. We start with the question, deconstructing difficult problems into chunks that can be executed quickly and searching for the simplest solution that achieves the goal. Because of this unique approach to process, implementing the Atomation solution is simple and affordable. We don’t monitor everything – we monitor and measure only what is critical to your operational objectives. Connect your legacy devices to the IoT, simply and affordably. 


“My entire career has been focused on traditional automation: gathering huge amounts of data into the center of an operation and using ever larger computers and algorithms to deal with the complexity.  When I saw the simplicity of Atomation’s distributed intelligence approach to the same problems, I knew this is the future and had to join.”



Steve Hassell




“When looking at the millions of unconnected legacy objects, we wanted to build a scalable, flexible and simple-to-deploy platform that lets us invite the overlooked devices to join the IoT party without complex integration or brain surgery.”


Guy Weitzman

Co-Founder & CPO



“It’s important to me to give people usable information – not just thousands of data points. That is why we work with our customers to find the perfect balance of precision, timeliness and battery life with Atoms’ edge computing.”



Eran Keshet

Co-Founder & CTO