Connecting Overlooked Legacy Machinery

Machinery Solutions


What if machines could talk?

The Atomation Machinery Solution gives a voice to all of the legacy machines in use across your organization, simply and affordably. Unlike traditional SCADA and Industrial Control systems, Atom’s are easily attached without rewiring, allowing you to continuously add more machines to the platform.


Predict and Prevent


Monitor legacy machines to predict maintenance needs and prevent costly downtime

Atomation’s Machinery Solution is an innovative way to give a voice to all legacy machines in your organization. Any one can set up a device and customize thresholds using the Atomation platform. No more sifting through thousands of data points to compile reports and analyze trends in order to put information to use, Atom’s quickly identify when there is a problem and communicate actionable information.

Machine Profile and Customizable Thresholds

Atoms learn what normal is for your machine, monitor for anomalies and establish thresholds that monitor for any deviation

Scale to Monitor all your Organization’s Assets

Atoms are inexpensive to purchase, install and utilize. Easily add more Atoms when needed to continuously add more machines to the IoT

No Additional IT Infrastructure

Atoms connect wirelessly and are fully functioning, self-contained units. No additional support from other teams / departments is needed

Edge Computing

Because Atoms function using the principle of distributed intelligence, there is no need for complex data storage. Any anomaly is identified and communicated by each Atom on the local machine

Track Geographically Dispersed Equipment

Atoms are able to monitor most machines / any device across a wide geographic area, ensuring that any device can be monitored and managed

Atoms Solve Complex Problems


Atoms are easily installed, affordable for both small and large organizations and require no assistance from IT or programming teams.


Atoms easily attach to any machine regardless of age or type and are small as well as battery powered, reducing the need for mechanical expertise, time-intensive and expensive hard-wiring, or re-engineering of infield devices.


Using the Atomate It! app, anyone on your team can activate Atoms, set up a device and customize thresholds. No technical or programming knowledge required.


View Atoms across all your devices on a customizable dashboard. Use graphs and analytics to get further insight to an anomaly, track and monitor machine usage and failures and better predict when machines may be close to failure.  

Case Studies


Learn more about how Atomation works with our customers to deploy smart, simple and scalable solutions that connect and get insights from infield legacy devices quickly and inexpensively from a wide variety of machines and locations.