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Founded in Tel Aviv with its US headquarters in St. Louis, MO, Atomation is a business-to-business solutions company. Our innovative Internet of Things (IoT) platform connects both new and existing, in-field, legacy objects/assets to the internet with proprietary software to capture and turn raw data into useful information.

By connecting previously unconnected devices, Atomation gives our customers the ability to gain immediate insight and derive real value over time with a solution that meets the needs of Operations teams across a variety of industries. With over 5000 devices in the field – some for more than 3 years – Atomation is the platform that gives unconnected devices a voice. Atomate It!


Guy Weitzman

Guy Weitzman

Co-Founder & CPO

Served for 8 years in intelligence operations and technology with one of the Israeli’s intelligence units. Prior to founding Atomation, Guy spent time in R&D operations and business roles for internet, mobile and cellular companies.


Steve Hassell

Steve Hassell


More than 20 years of experience as both a corporate CIO and president of companies providing hardware and software to data centers. Previously, he served as CIO of Emerson Electric and most recently as president of Emerson Network Power/Vertiv’s Data Solutions business.

Eran Keshet

Eran Keshet

Co-Founder & CTO

Over 15 years of experience in development and product management in the high tech industry with specializations in robotics, interactivity and computing. 

Partner with Us

Atomation is partnering with leading utility and machinery companies to bring connected solutions to their customers. Atomation’s smart, simple, and scaleable IoT solutions bring innovation and new opportunities for our partners with their customers. Learn more about partnering with us today. 

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    2014 Two founders with an idea – Guy Weitzman and Eran Keshet – create Atomation as a way to bring life to objects by connecting them to the internet and apps |   End 2014 Atomation was awarded prestigious grant from the Office of the Chief Scientist in Israel |   Early 2015 Atomation brought together a small team of innovative makers to form the R&D team |   End 2015 Atomation works with Syngenta and GroFit to connect existing analog agriculture sensors giving farmers access to information remotely |   End 2016 Atomation starts developing technology for 2 major accounts in St. Louis |   2017 Atomation opens an office in St. Louis to continue targeting large industrial corporations in the Midwest |   End 2017 Atomation founder Guy Weitzman moves to St. Louis |   Early 2019 Atomation hires Stephen Hassell as CEO to lead the company through a period of focused growth |  Early 2019 Atomation platform scaling with utility and machinery customers and secured US manufacturing for hardware |  End 2020 Atomation continues growth via new domestic and international distribution partners |  Early 2021 Atomation secures patent for platform, further supporting the unique approach Atomation brings to the IoT |  Mid 2021 Product portfolio expands to support external sensors for the AT-U1.0c and the AT-R1.0. BLE range expands to over 1/2 mile in outdoor environments with clear line of sight |   Fall 2021 Atomation awarded IoT Innovators Bronze Award for the IoT Hardware – Commercial and Industrial group |   Spring 2022 Atomation launches new AT-U2.0c unit supporting (4) 4-20mA External Inputs