Atomation Monitoring Solutions

Use Cases

Smart Engineering Simplifies Condition Monitoring

Atoms are used by different types of companies and industries in a variety of applications. Created to simply and affordably monitor both new and legacy equipment and assets, Atoms bridge the gap between sensor companies that only provide individual sensors and hard-wired SCADA systems requiring millions in investment to begin capturing data.

Use Cases

Bearing Monitoring

Atoms stand up to harsh conditions and deliver valuable insights in the aggregate industry.

Agriculture Equipment Monitoring

Atoms are installed on fans, feed motors, and pumps across the livestock production facility.

Utility Asset Monitoring

Identify damaged assets across the utility operation with Atoms.

What will the data show you?

Accurate and sufficient data is key for all operations teams. Continuous improvement, necessary machine maintenance, and productivity all hinge on knowing how often equipment is operating and how well it is performing. Atomation bridges the gaps in data that managers and leaders need to make the best decisions to improve overall performance.

Immediate Insight

Run-time monitoring is one of the first ways our customers gain value from our IoT sensors. Shift productivity, overuse of equipment, and operational parameters outside the norm are immediately identifiable when you have the data.

Answers to Specific Questions

Was the container dropped during shipment? Are all compressors operating the same? Protect valuable assets with the data that indicates performance or maintenance issues that require attention.

Long-Term Preventive Maintenance

Motor and machine performance changes over time. Changes in vibration and temperature can indicate that parts are wearing and may need replacement. Use the Atomation reporting tools, download data directly from the dashboard for your own analysis or pull data directly into your own system for analysis. The data is yours to use how and where you want it.