Monitor Cargo with Confidence

Logistics Solution


Maintain accountability for goods throughout the logistics life-cycle

Effectively and affordably monitor the quality and safety of your goods across your distribution network with our logistics Atom. Ensure cargo condition confidence by setting thresholds to record and alert when goods are outside set temperature and humidity ranges or goods are dropped or impacted.


Monitor and Manage


Monitor temperature, humidity and impacts to improve product quality on arrival

Atomation’s Logistics Solution is revolutionizing the way goods are monitored across the supply chain. Know when conditions exceed safe thresholds for products or when products are dropped or impacted to ensure safe delivery.


Monitor the safety of goods and create a timestamp if products are dropped or impacted.


Moisture can be very damaging to products, create a record when environmental conditions are outside of set parameters.

Customize Thresholds

Easily change thresholds with our app when products change.


Many goods are temperature sensitive, create a record  when products become outside of the proper temperature range.

Create a Record

Atoms store data on internal memory even if wireless connection is lost.

Track Changes of Custody

Get updates and alerts as products change hands across the supply chain.

Simple Set-Up


Set up Atoms with three easy steps; install, configure and connect.



Atoms can be attached or built into any reusable transport packaging to monitor the products they carry


Using the Atomate It! App anyone on your team at any point in the supply chain can activate Atoms and customize thresholds


Our dashboards use maps, graphs and analytics to easily access information and get further insights from Atoms across your distribution network

Case Studies


Learn more about how Atomation works with our customers to deploy smart, simple and scalable solutions that connect and get insights from infield legacy devices quickly and inexpensively from a wide variety of machines and locations.