Products & Specifications

Add Legacy Devices to the IoT

No Complex Programming | No Lengthy Implementations

Atoms are small, battery-operated wireless sensors with patented computing and memory capabilities. Atomation’s secret is the powerful edge computing capabilities that allow Atoms to recognize normal operational behavior for any device. Atoms continuously monitor and process information locally, instead of sending a constant stream of data back to a central system. When thresholds are exceeded or your equipment is acting outside of normal, Atoms send information, notifying you of problems before your equipment fails.

Specifications and Configurations

Atomation offers a variety of configurations to meet the broad needs of equipment monitoring in the field. Review Atom options and find the best solution for your monitoring program.

How it Works

Built with simplicity and flexibility in mind, the platform consists of four devices. Connecting via Bluetooth Low Energy to our Gateway, the Mini, the Standard, and the Specialty with direct temperature probe sense a variety of critical performance indicators.

The stand-alone Atom combines sensors and cellular communication, providing a single unit for machine monitoring. 

The stand-alone Atom with an optional connector for up to (4) 4-20 mA two-wire sensors and external power supports high frequency sampling.

Atomation Solution Diagram