A Unique Approach

Using edge computing, raw data is turned into actionable information businesses use to transform operations and optimize the bottom line. This smart, simple and scalable solution deploys and configures quickly and inexpensively, providing new options for adding previously overlooked objects to the IoT.


Easily Installed

With a variety of installation options, Atoms are easily installed on almost every legacy device without hard-wiring or additional programming required.


One-Touch Configuration

No programming. No changes to existing technology or infrastructure. Affix the Atom, use our app to configure the Atom and immediately begin capturing information.


Exception-Based Alerts

Receive text or email alerts only when thresholds are exceeded.

Wireless Communication

Atoms communicate wirelessly, eliminating the need for machinery to be hard wired to a centralized computer system.


Battery Powered

Because Atoms only send information when the device is operating outside of normal, battery usage is low, extending the life of the Atom.

Track Equipment

View numerous devices on a single dashboard and gain insight on device performance across multiple company locations.

Easily Add More Devices

Atoms cost less than traditional SCADA devices providing new options  for adding previously overlooked objects to the IoT.


Request a Demonstration

Let us show you how the features of our technology change the landscape of IoT projects.