Filling the Gap in your Smart Grid

Utility Solution


What if poles could talk?

Service interruptions are the primary customer complaint in the utility industry, drive revenue losses and take time that could be better spent elsewhere. The Atomation Utility Solution shortens these interruptions by installing Atoms on poles throughout your network, alerting operators and dispatchers when poles are damaged and identifying the root cause of service interruptions, bridging the gap between the smart switch and the meter.


Adding Poles to the IoT


Quickly and comprehensively assess damaged assets

The Atomation Utility Solution, an incredible innovation from our engineering team, gives a voice to utility poles across the grid, simply and affordably. Poles know what normal is and communicate only when an issue has occurred, quickly identifying the exact location of damaged or downed poles. No more bird-dogging the lines, searching for damaged poles or struggling to understand where the problem is. Improve recovery times, reduce expenses and improve service delivery by giving every pole a voice.

Instantly Identify Damaged Poles

Instantly know number of poles down, tilted or impacted by weather or other external events and if the lines above the poles are energized


Send Crews Prepared

Identify equipment and personnel needed for repairs without requiring a physical inspection of the pole prior to arrival


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) Scores

Effectively Dispatch Crews

Immediately dispatch crews to the direct location of the outage

Positive Validation of Repairs

Damaged pole alarms must be cleared onsite through the Atomation mobile app, which keeps a record of the time and location as well as the user who repaired the pole

Increase Revenue

Restore power and get meters running faster

Atoms are a Simple Solution


Atoms are easily installed, affordable for both small and large utilities and require no assistance from IT or programming teams.



Atoms self-calibrate, recognizing the installation position as the correct normal so there is no need to level or plumb during installation. Atoms can be mounted directly to the pole at any height (recommend 10-12’ from ground) using a drill and a few screws.




Automated connection and registration is executed in the field using Atomation’s simple mobile app without requiring additional training or technical expertise. Users can add more information in the configurable pole description database as needed.



Atoms send information wirelessly to the online dashboard and can also send text and/or email alerts to specific team members, further reducing communication needs and alerting teams about outage issues in real-time. 


Case Studies


Learn more about how Atomation works with our utility customers to deploy smart, simple and scalable solutions that connect, get insights from infield legacy devices quickly and inexpensively and improve utility operations.