Filling the Gap in your Smart Grid

Field-tested Sensors that Work for Utility Assets

Wireless data collection from any Asset

No other sensor provider offers the flexibility of the Atomation platform. Atoms are easily installed and immediately operational on most equipment types – from transformers to poles to substations – providing immediate alerts when anomalies are detected outside the customizable tolerance range.

Real-time Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Asset monitoring
  • Data capture for equipment performance and analysis
  • Improve predictive maintenance

Environmental Impact Alerts

  • Weather-driven outages with GPS location of damaged assets
  • Lines through rural areas with limited access and visibility
  • Storm-related outcomes requiring immediate attention

Atoms are a Simple Solution

Atoms are installed in minutes, affordable for both small and large monitoring programs, and require no assistance from IT teams to be operational. Inherently secure, even when using the API, Atoms give immediate visibility across the operational theater.


With sensors for vibration, temperature, EMF and impact included, information on equipment health is immediately available. For line or pole monitoring, Atoms can be installed directly on the pole or with a bracket when being installed on a covered line. Options for equipment installation include brackets, magnets and bands/ties.


Atoms are configured prior to delivery and can also be updated over the air via the dashboard or in the field using a mobile device. Notes about installation location, pole type and asset type can also be captured in the dashboard.


Atoms send information wirelessly to the online dashboard. Users can be configured to receive text message and/or email alerts by device or by business unit. Keep teams informed with only the alerts they need to know or integrate the alerts directly into your ticketing system to improve outage response times.

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Solving Real Problems with Edge Computing Sensor Technology

  • Immediately identify outage locations and environmental impacts as part of storm hardening efforts
  • Compare machinery performance to execute preventative maintenance when and where it’s most needed
  • Lengthen the lifespan of again equipment, replacing only when necessary
With thousands of Atoms in the field and a partnership with SAP, asset monitoring is now possible immediately and at scale.