External Sensor Support: The 4-20 Atom

Threshold-Based Alerts on Critical Equipment

Install the 4-20 on existing equipment and receive alerts when problems occur

The latest addition to the Atomation line-up is an exciting one! The stand-alone unit supporting up to four external sensors bridges the gap between unconnected control panels and the needs of Operations and Maintenance teams. Get alerts when equipment operation exceeds thresholds and address potential problems before outages and downtime occur.

How It Works

The 4-20 Atom combines our standard onboard sensors and cellular communication capabilities with the ability for customers to add up to four, external 4-20 mA sensors. Externally powered, the 4-20 adds the missing piece between equipment with control panels or onboard sensors that have no remote monitoring capability.

Atoms only communicate when issues are detected, reducing information overload and providing only what you need to know when you need to know it. Data can be analyzed on an ongoing basis in our dashboard, providing operators with both critical operational data to evaluate machine health when contrasted with other, similar equipment.


Externally Powered (3.3V Dc)

  • Battery Backup
  • Accepts up to (4) External Inputs from 2-wire, 4-20mA Sensors
  • Configurable scaling and labeling in Dashboard
  • High-Speed Data Logger (8-second samples for 72 hours)
  • 3 Year Subscription with Renewal Available

Download Specifications

Click here to download 4-20 Specifications 

The Value of Remote Monitoring

Monitoring equipment is a critical part of your overall operations and maintenance planning but control panels and internally monitored equipment only go so far. Adding remote condition monitoring gives you and your team the information you need to manage potential failure and ensure optimal machine performance.

Dashboard Graph View of Monitored Equipment

Dashboard Readings

Remote Monitoring Built to Work

Atoms are robust and durable. Designed to perform in harsh indoor and outdoor environments, Atoms are installed in minutes. Augment your existing condition monitoring programs or use Atoms as the basis for establishing a condition monitoring program that meets the needs of your operation.