Case Studies



Andritz Group is an Austrian engineering group that has over 250 production and service facilities, positioning it as a global manufacturing leader. In 2017, the company reported a revenue of €5.88B.




With many machines varying in age and type located across the world Andritz Group needed a way to make their machine maintenance visits more efficient.

The solution had to be simple to add on and agnostic to different types of legacy equipment deployed in the field. Atomation’s Machinery Solution for predictive maintenance was the perfect fit.  

Atoms are simple add on devices that use motor vibration and temperature to build a machine specific profile for predictive maintenance. Andritz markets the solution as an after-market upgrade for their existing customers and has over 1000 units deployed to date.

Predictive Maintenance

Andritz customers easily monitor their machinery to anticipate breakdowns and avoid downtime.

Operational Efficiency

Andritz no longer has to perform routine check ups to get insights on the status and health of customer machines. Atoms monitor usage and anomalies.



Ameren is a large publicly traded utility that provides energy services to approximately 2.4 million electric customers across 64,000 square miles in Illinois and Missouri.



Ameren is actively working to modernize their power grid with emerging smart technologies, but utility poles traditionally aren’t instrumented as part of the smart grid. By design, Atoms affordably and effectively connect previously overlooked objects to the internet of things (IoT).  Even with existing smart technology, if an outage occurs the crews have to drive miles of line between smart switches at substations and customer smart meters to find the pole causing an outage.

Atomation’s utility solution provides utilities with the exact location and type of damage, speeding repairs and getting power restored without wasting time driving the lines trying to locate downed poles. Ameren is the first public utility to start testing Atomation’s Utility Solution. Ameren’s visibility to their grid will continue to increase as more Atoms are deployed across their network.

Grid Visibility

Instantly identify damaged poles during an outage. Atoms send alerts with the location and type of damage to the pole including impact, tilt, and down,  power on/off.

Operational Efficiency

Identify and dispatch equipment and personnel needed for repairs without requiring a physical inspection of the pole prior to arrival.